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Food systems 

Amphitheater - Agropolis International

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Sustainable food systems: what are we talking about?

  • Feeding increasingly populated African cities

  • What food systems tomorrow to mobilize the potential of African youth?

  • Food, health and well-being

  • Food and environmental issues

  • Food systems and markets



Amphitheater Charles Flahault - Institute of botany

9:15 - 17:10

  • Soil, a poorly understood reservoir of biodiversity

  • Life in the water (lakes, lagoons, coastline and sea)

  • Screening of the documentary on the biodiversity of a sebkha in Morocco

  • Evolution of biodiversity over time - how has vegetation changed?



Amphi Jacques Alliot (Lavalette site (CIRAD) - Bldg. 4

avenue Agropolis, 34000 Montpellier

9:00 am-5: 30 pm

  • Training / capacity building / training differently (Market place)

  • Co-production of knowledge useful for action

  • Presentation of the TPP: Transformative partnership platform to foster the agroecological transition

  • First TPP project carried out in Africa and funded by MEAE: Viability

  •   Innovation to fit into the transitions of socio-technical systems (round table)

  • Session on DyTAEs (round table and vernissage-photo exhibition) Illustrate a national multi-institutional dynamic for the promotion of Agroecology


NSP Technologies (Feed - Care - Protect)

Amphitheater - Saint Priest Campus

8: 30- 12:15

head in the stars  “What infrastructures to build responsible digital technologies? "

  • Nanosatellites: Technologies and Missions + Technologies for earth observation: satellite imagery, drones and geospatial data for environmental and agricultural management

  • The challenges of training for space

  • Site visit (by invitation only)

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