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Agroecology & Innovation 

15:15 - 16:30

Session 3 

Innovations for the transitions of socio-technical systems

Round table moderated by Anne Cécile Bras (RFI)  

Coupling technical, organizational and commercial innovations and bringing together various partners (knowledge producers, NGOs, entrepreneurship), negotiations between actors in the sector and PP


  • Clémence Lankouandé (National Council for Agriculture of Burkina Faso)

  • Sylvaine Lemeilleur (Cirad)

  • Rachida Mehdioui (Network of Agroecological Initiatives of Morocco) 

  • Julie Matovu (Organic farmer) 

  • Tahina Solofoniaina Raharison (GSDM) 

  • Rihanatou Roama (  

4:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Session 4

Session on DyTAEs (Dynamics for an Agro-Ecological Transition in Senegal)

Round table hosted by AC Bras (RFI)


Illustrate a national multi-institutional dynamic for the promotion of Agroecology 


  • Astou Diao Camara (BAM ISRA, Senegal) 

  • Raphaël Belmin (CIRAD) 

  • Sarah Toumi (GGW Accelerator - UNCCD) 

  • Maryam Sow (Enda Pronat, Senegal)  


5.45 p.m.-6.15 p.m.

Opening of an exhibition at the Théâtre de Verdure 


  • Raphaël Belmin (CIRAD)

All conferencescan be accessed remotely (after registration)

Image de Meiying Ng

Anne-Cécile Bras, moderator of the round table

Journalist for 20 years, Anne-Cécile Bras has hosted since 2009 “C'est pas du vent! », The RFI environment program. 50 minutes twice a week to decipher with guests and reports how humanity takes up its greatest challenge: learning to live harmoniously on a planet with limited resources.

Clemence Samba Lankouandé.jpg

 Clemence Lankouandé

Sustainable Development Economist, Clémence Samba Lankouandé is coordinator of the National Council for Organic Agriculture in Burkina Faso and facilitator of agricultural innovations. Its work focuses on the promotion of agroecology and organic farming through capacity building of stakeholders, advisory support, training, raising awareness among producers and consumers,  advocacy, and linking.

Sylvaine Lemeilleur.tif

Sylvaine Lemeilleur

Sylvaine Lemeilleur, researcher in economics at Cirad at UMR MoISA (Montpellier Interdisciplinary center on Sustainable Agri-food systems) and member of the SPG committee of IFOAM - Organics International, works on the impacts of labels as tools for regulating food systems and on participatory guarantee systems (PGS) to manage these knowledge commons.

Rachida Mehdioui .jpg

Rachida Mehdioui

Doctor in Biology Environment option, Rachida Mehdioui is a consultant, teacher and trainer in the fields of environment, agriculture and sustainable development. She has worked on behalf of various public and private, Moroccan and foreign organizations. Rachida Mehdioui is co-founder of the educational garden “Jardiniers en Herbe Maroc” in 2016. She is an association activist for the development of urban agriculture and the promotion of sustainable agriculture. She is the current president of RIAM (Réseau des Initiatives Agroécologiques au Maroc) and a member of the Women's Network for Mentoring and Networking.

The experts

Julie Nakalanda Matovu.jpg

Julie Nakalanda Matovu

I'm a farmers' daughter, raised on a small mixed farm in the middle of the city (Kampala, Uganda). I have studied agriculture and pursued a Master of Science degree in Agroecology. I'm a practitioner in agroecology, a farmer leader at the Global Council of INOFO (Intercontinental Network for Organic Farmer Organizations), also involved in coordination of INOFO activities at regional level in Africa, Eastern Africa and in Uganda. I serve on the Board of Directors at NOGAMU - the National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda and I'm a Marketing Coordinator with Freshveggies PGS, an initiative where about 50 women and youth from about 15 families grow organic food including fresh vegetables for both home consumption and for sale, within a delivery scheme that I coordinate. I'm currently involved in the establishment of the National PGS Council in Uganda, promoting local organic production and marketing. I have participated in sharing local experience in the writing of the practical guide to Navigating Sustainable Food Systems with 13 other practitioners across the globe, led by FAO and INRAe. I'm also currently managing the operations and agronomy of a 150-acre organic coffee farm in Central South Western Uganda.

Tahina Raharison.jpg

Tahina Raharison

Tahina Raharison, agroeconomist within the GSDM, Professionals of Agroecology. He has worked in the field of agroecology for about fifteen years in Madagascar, and has participated in research work with CIRAD. Currently, he is doing a thesis in economics at the Institut Agro - Montpellier SupAgro on the institutional conditions of the agroecological transition in Madagascar.

Image de Meiying Ng

Rihanatou Roama


Astou Camara.tif

Astou Diao Camara

Sociologist, Dr Astou Diao Camara is director of the social sciences research unit at ISRA (BAME) and coordinator of the dP Pôle Pastoralisme et Zones Sèches (PPZS). Its work focuses on the conditions for the development of pastoral breeding in Senegal and the Sahel, mobilizing participatory methods (innovation platforms, forum theater, territorial prospective, etc.). 

Raphaël Belmin.jpg

Raphael Belmin

Raphael Belmin is an agronomist at CIRAD, stationed in Senegal since 2018. He represents CIRAD on the steering committees of DyTAES and 3AO. For him, science and photography constitute two complementary and inseparable means for understanding the imbalances in African agriculture and supporting agroecological transitions.

Image de Meiying Ng

Sarah Toumi

Being updated

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