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Employés de musée

Success stories: "Research, Training, Innovation"

All day, from 9:00 a.m.

Free strolls throughout the day and discussions around projects that illustrate partnerships with Africa.


The selected projects illustrate the strength and structuring of these sometimes long-standing partnerships, which contribute to the emergence of these particularly promising young scientists. The projects will be presented through a poster exhibition and / or through the distribution of video clips. Discussions will be able to begin with the scientists present, from Montpellier and Africa.


We will find there:

  • Tunisian-French OMERE Observatory to understand and manage water in Mediterranean rural landscapes

  • Blue gold in Tunisia: policy, management and research

  • Sustainable water treatment and reuse in semi-arid countries

  • Forecasting floods in Morocco

  • Gold panning and water resources in West Africa

  • Wetland ecosystem services for the protection of Saint-Louis in Senegal

  • Contamination of groundwater with arsenic and metals in Niger

  • Vulnerability of water resources to climate change in Senegal

  • Problem of health risks linked to water uses in West Africa

  • Impacts of geothermal energy on societal and environmental transitions in Kenya

  • International training: Water for all and DU MAREMA

  • Euro-African training in hydronomy


It is also an opportunity to present the research work funded by the UNESCO ICIREWARD Center of Montpellier in connection with the development of structuring networks in the countries of the South:

  • Hydrological standards in West Africa

  • Numerical and applied mathematics approaches for the bioeconomy and REUSE

  • Estimation of evapotranspiration by satellite in Senegal and Niger

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