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Issues around water and the contribution of the young generation of African scientists

To attend the round tables live, follow this link (active soon)

The objective of this round table is to discuss the place of young scientists and their contributions to meet the stakes and challenges of the 21st century that arise around water.  


The participants in this round table are representative of the dynamism of these young scientists who know the importance of networks, who are confident in their knowledge and capacities, and who are resolutely committed to serving their countries and the development of African societies. This can be in the form of remarkable scientific courses, carriers of innovative training, the development of innovative technological projects or even the assumption of responsibilities which translate the desire for openness and progress in the service of populations.  

Moderator: Eric Servat


  • Sylvie Hounzangbé-Adoté

  • Ernest Amoussou

  • Oula Amrouni

  • Nihel ben amar

  • Ansoumana Bodian

  • El Mahdi El Khalki

  • Oumar El Farouk Maman Illatou

  • Fatimatou Sall

  • Alexis Tchiakpe

The experts


Eric Servat

Eric Servat is a hydrologist and research director at IRD. He currently directs OSU OREME and the UNESCO ICIREWARD Center, which is one of the largest international water research and training centers.

Sylvie Adoté.jpg

Sylvie Hounzangbé-Adoté

Sylvie Hounzangbé-Adoté is a teacher-researcher at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Abomey Calavi (Benin). She is Deputy Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Women, Science and Reasoned Water Management in West Africa and President of the Association of Women Scientists of Benin.

Ernest Amoussou.jpg

Ernest Amoussou

Ernest Amoussou is a teacher-researcher in Applied Physical Geography at the University of Parakou (Benin), at the Pierre Pagney Laboratory: Climate, Water, Ecosystems and Development (LACEEDE). He works on the theme “Climate and water resources”.

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Oula Amrouni

Oula Amrouni is a researcher at the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies in Tunis and regional coordinator of the Medfriend program. My current research focuses on coastal sediment dynamics in order to establish the relationship with the morphodynamics of beach systems under natural and human pressure.

Nihel Ben Amar.jpg

Nihel Ben Amar

Professor of Chemical Engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Nihel Ben Amar is a member of the LAMSIN research laboratory in Tunis. She is currently working on membrane filtration as a process for desalination, purification and treatment of water.

Ansoumana Bodian_edited.jpg

Ansoumana Bodian

Ansoumana Bodian is a lecturer-researcher in hydrology at Gaston Berger University (Senegal). Its research activities revolve around the characterization of the spatio-temporal variability of the climate and its hydrological impacts (modeling, estimation of evapotranspiration, etc.).

El Mahdi El Khalki_edited.jpg

El Mahdi El Khalki

Currently Post-Doc at the University of Salento (Italy), El Mahdi El Khalki works on the analysis of drought over the entire Mediterranean region. His main studies focus on the modeling and forecasting of floods for operational use in Morocco.


Oumar El Farouk Maman Illatou

Former mining geologist executive - consultant in the water sector, Oumar will defend in 2021 his doctoral thesis "Impacts of gold mining and agriculture on the water quality of the Nigerian Liptako", carried out in co-supervision with IMT Alès, HSM and Abdou Moumouni University, in Niamey.

Fatimatou Sall.jpg

Fatimatou Sall

Fatimatou Sall works at LEIDI at Gaston Berger University (Senegal) on issues related to water and the environment in urban areas. She is also president of the Association of Young Water and Sanitation Professionals of Senegal (AJPEAS) and youth representative on the international steering committee of the 9th World Water Forum.


Alexis Tchiakpe

Alexis Tchiakpe is the General Administrator of the UNESCO Chair in Water, Women and Decision-making Power (CUEFPOD) in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Holder of a master's degree in Business Law, Alexis TCHIAKPE is a lawyer specializing in energy issues and those of personal development.

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