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To attend the round tables live, follow this link (online soon)

Co created by the Association Tous Entrepreneurs and the UNESCO International Center on Water “ICIREWARD - Montpellier”, the Africa-France Ideackathon is an innovation program for high school students that uses the digital tools available to connect young people to 'Africa with young metropolitan residents. With the help of their teachers and scientific experts, 6 African high schools and 5 Hérault high schools will compete to imagine innovative solutions for health and water in the world of tomorrow.


At the end of an ideation phase which takes place on September 30 and October 1, 2021, the 6 best projects will be selected to participate in the Final which will take place during the Montpellier Global Days, in partnership with the Montpellier Metropolis.

Moderator: Pierre Alzingre

Members of the jury:  

  • Eric Servat 

(jury in the process of composition)

The experts

Pierre Alzingre.jpg

Pierre Alzingre

Pierre Alzingre is Director of Visionari, an innovation marketing consulting agency and co-founder of the Association Tous Entrepreneur.

Pierre is a creator and developer of entrepreneurial programs for audiences and fragile territories.


Eric Servat

Eric Servat is a hydrologist and Research Director at IRD. He currently directs OSU OREME and the UNESCO ICIREWARD Center, which is one of the largest international water research and training centers.

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