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Thanks to its geographical location close to the Mediterranean Sea and the history of the creation of its medical school (12th century), the University of Montpellier has always "looked to the South".


Today, several research units in the health field, such as MIVEGEC, TRANSVIHMI (Translational Research on HIV and Infectious Diseases), PCCEI (Pathogenesis and Control of Chronic and Emerging Infections), are based on partnerships with African teams.

Most of these partnerships relate to the development of research on infectious diseases of interest to human and animal health.

Three of the five ANRS-MIE research sites in Africa are co-coordinated by teams based in Montpellier, active in Senegal, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

The University of Montpellier participates in many Afro-European research consortiums, such as the PROMISE consortia (South Africa, Burkina Faso, France, Norway, Uganda, Zambia) which is interested in maternal and child health in the context of of HIV / AIDS.

The International Health Day and One Health will allow to situate the action of French (ANRS-MIE) and African (African CDC, SAMRC) research support agencies to then look at the most active scientific partnerships in health. international (HIV, tuberculosis, COVID) and One Health approaches (neglected infections, arboviruses, epidemic preparedness and response). A large place will be reserved for round tables and discussion forums, in particular on the implementation of research networks and platform sharing.  

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